October  2017, Boston



19th - 22 nd October 2016.


Signet Contemporary Art



The Cyclorama, Boston Center For The Arts 

539 Tremont St

 Boston, MA 02116


BFAS Featuring Artists :  John Martin RBA, Robert E Wells RBA NEAC, Paul Treasure,

Michael Alford , Ian Hargreaves,  David Farren,  Rory J Brown, Erika Toliusis, Tom Barron,

Garry Pereira. 



October  2017, London


 Robert E Wells RBA NEAC Solo Exhibition
1st - 15th October 2017.
RSVP Opening Reception 30th September 3-6pm


Robert E Wells is a member of the Royal Federation of British Artists (RBA) and New English Arts Club (NEAC) .

 A Yorkshire born artist, Robert E. Wells is well known for specialising in city and landscape paintings around London and the North Yorkshire Moors. Finding inspiration in the towns and cities that he visits, Robert E.Wells seeks out unusual views of familiar landmarks and scenes – encouraging the viewer to see places from a different perspective. He often paints directly from the subject at all times of the year and in all weather. Robert E Wells is regularly exhibiting at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the NEAC.

He studied Masters Degree entitled The Illustration and Rendering of Architectural Spaces at London University. Prior to that he had studied at Batley Art College and worked for several years as an Architectural Illustrator. Robert is also a member of the Chartered Society of Designers (FCSD). More recently he has turned to painting full time.
To view entire collection of paintings by Robert E Wells , please visit : 





September 2017, London


Autumn Exhibition 2017

Signet Contemporary Art , Chelsea

378 Kings Road



2nd September - 30th November 2017. 

Featuring Artists:    John martin RBA, Michael Alford, Paul Treasure, Tom Barron, Rosanne Barr,  David

Farren, Rory J Browne, Jonathan Trim, Sylvia Paul, Yvonne Coomber, Erika Toliusis. Harriet Salt, Denis Ribas






 August  2017 , London 



GARRY PEREIRA Solo Exhibition  "Outsider"  12 - 27 August 2017.
RSVP Opening reception 12th August 3-6pm 
Garry Pereira was born 1974 and studied art at Norwich, Loughborough and Lowestoft Colleges of Art and Design.
Garry regularly exhibits his paintings in the UK and international Art Fairs such as Hong Kong, Dubai, Boston , Singapore are just to name a few. Garry has hosted solo numerous Exhibitions in London, Southwold, Cambridge and Norwich. In 2005 he was awarded First Prize at the Public Eye Exhibition in London, and was the Winner of the Laing Painting Competition in 1999.
Garry has for a long time been inspired by waves and dunes along the Norfolk and Suffolk coast line, an area he has a strong connection with. Increasingly longer stays in North Wales and Scotland have provided a new fertile source for his landscapes. The incorporation of traditional techniques and materials give his work an almost photographic quality. His studio-based paintings are made by layering around one hundred washes of thin oil paint and the incorporation of traditional glazes and varnishes.
Artist Statement:
Painting really matters to me, it always has. For me, almost a ‘calling’, it is an area that seems to accept me, unlike most others. The process usually begins with a location that offers me a dialogue, like a historical dignitary almost requesting to be painted. It has been, for a long time now, the crashing waves of my home county of Norfolk or my spiritual homes in bleak mountainous areas of Scotland, Wales or out of season Lake District.
"Outsider" is a series of new small oil paintings made on location, in my favourite places & places that are special for whatever reason to me, my first kiss, the first time I made a painting, places I would hide away from school and work,!And then those places that are just beautiful, The highlands, wales ireland and my now home county of Norfolk. I havent tryed to change or adapt any composition or colour, and therefor work on two levels, a true represetation of a place or maybe a more sensitive rendering that maybe connects or resonates with you? I hope I have done the landscapes some justice in the translation to paint on panel. 
The sizes measure either 12x12cm or 11x15cm the size determined by being able to put them in my jacket pocket for location painting.






June 2017 , London 



Fine Art and Antique Fair , Olympia 26th June- 2nd July 2017
Signet Contemporary Art, Chelsea

Exhibiting Artists: Robert E Wells RBA, John D Martin RBA , Ian Hargreaves, Michael Alford , Tom Barron, Denis Ribas, Rory J Browne.  

Signet Contemporary Art is delighted to invite you to attend the 
Preview of The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia taking place Monday 26 June 2017, 4pm - 9pm. 

Enjoy the very first opportunity to buy from an outstanding collection of high quality art, antiques, furniture, jewellery and collectors' pieces from leading dealers.

The Fair is supported by both trade associations, BADA and LAPADA, and every item is check by a team of experts to ensure quality and authenticity.

To confirm your attendance at the Fine Art Fair, R.S.V.P with your postal address via email to or by telephone on T: 020 3105 4820 and we will send your invitation.


Hong Kong , May 2017


AAF Hong Kong 


Hong Kong Exhibition Center 
28-21 May

Exhibiting Artists: 
David Poxon RI , Harriet Salt, Tobias Harrison, Rory J Brown, David Farren, Yvonne Coomber, Juan del Pozo, Michael Alford, Paul Treasure, Tom Barron , Dairo Vargas.

*Complimentary Tickets Available . Please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





London ,April 2017 


Chelsea Art Fair -22nd Edition

27-30 April 2017

Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road.

Signet Contemporary Art  STAND 6

Exhibiting Artists :  Robert E Wells RBA , John D Martin RBA, Rory J Browne,

Michael Alford , Paul Treasure , David Farren and Yvonne Coomber. 

Complimentary Invitations available . Please contact






Dubai  ,April 2017


World Art Dubai 12-15 April 2017 

Signet Contemporary Art 


World Trade Center 


Exhibiting Artists : John  Martin RBA, Paul Treasure, Robert E Wells RBA,  Michael Alford, David Farren , Garry Pereira, Yvonne Comber, Tom Barron, Rory J Browne, Juan del Pozo, Dairo Vargas, Erika Toliusis, Matt Curtis.


*Complimentary Tickets Available . Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







London ,March 2017


 Signet Contemporary Art Spring Exhibition 15th March - 30th May 2017. 
 SCA Spring Exhibition highlights exceptional Contemporary Artists such as Garry Raymond Pereira, Paul Treasure & John Martin RBA. The Exhibition also includes Scottish landscape artist Tom Barron and new  figurative paintings by Michael Alford. 
We are excited to welcome new Contemporary Artists Yvonna Coomber, Sally Jones and Canadian Landscape painter Erika Tulousis.
Featuring Artists: John martin RBA, Michael Alford, Paul Treasure, Tom Barron,  David Farren,  Rory J Browne, Jonathan Trim, Sylvia Paul, Dairo Vargas, Yvonne Coomber, Erika Toliusis, Sally Jones. 


London , January  2017



Signet Contemporary Art warmly invites you to Winter Exhibition 2017 featuring paintings by gallery`s favourite artists such as Paul Treasure , David Farren and Rory J Browne are to name just a few. 

We are also excited to welcome new Contemporary Artists Matt Curtis & Dairo Varga. 

Winter Exhibition featuring Artists:

David  Farren, Paul Treasure, Rosanne Barr, John Martin RBA, Jonathan Trim, Rory J Browne, Greg Harris, Matt Curtis, Dairo Varga, Ian Hargreaves, Juan del Pozo, Michael Alford.


London , December 2016








Singapore , November 2016

Signet Contemporary Art is celebrating our first Art Show in Singapore and we are proud to represent some of our best Artists at AAF Singapore  18-20 November 2016.


Featuring Artists: David Poxon  RI, Paul Treasure, John Martin RBA, Matt Curtis,  Rory J Brown, Michael Alford, David Farren, Ian Hargreaves. 

Venue:  F1 Pit Building, Singapore

For Complimentary AAF tickets please email enquiries(at) 





London, October  2016



Paul Treasure "Salt of the Earth"

27th Oct - 15th Nov 2016 
Signet contemporary Art, Chelsea celebrates the launch of  Paul Treasure Solo Exhibition "Salt of the Earth" 
RSVP Opening reception 27th Oct 5pm-8pm
SCA Gallery has been gathering tremendous attention and sell- out shows for Paul Treasure at the Gallery as well as at national & international art fairs, including Dubai and Tokyo. 

Paul’s interpretations of the English landscape reveal his response to the ever-changing seasons, weather and light. Paul's paintings captures the feeling and emotion of a place, while depicting the interplay between light, land, water and sky.  
The Artist states ‘I particularly love this time of year when we’re transitioning from summer to autumn,’ . His bold use of palette knife, brush strokes and mixed media result in distinctive mark-making which culminates in vigorous, textured landscapes.  ‘My works are inspired by the joy and splendour of life,
Paul Treasure was born in 1961 in Gloucestershire and studied at Cheltenham College of Art. The Artist is currently working from his studio in Winchester and exhibiting worldwide.





Boston, October  2016




19th - 22 nd October 2016.



The Cyclorama, Boston Center For The Arts

539 Tremont St

Boston, MA 02116

BFAS Featuring Artists :  John Martin RBA, Robert E Wells RBA, Paul Treasure, Michael Alford ,

Ian Hargreaves,  David Farren,  Rory J Brown, Jonathan Trim





London, September 2016



Cambridge Art  Fair  29th September- 2nd October 2016.

Opening Reception 29th September 5.30pm- 8.30pm

For Complimentary CAF tickets please email enquiries(at) 


Signet Contemporary Art


Featuring Artists: John Martin RBA, Robert E Wells RBA,  Paul Treasure, Rosanne Barr, Jonathan Trim, Rory J Browne.


CAF Venue: 

The Guildhall

Market Square







London, September 2016


Signet Contemporary Art, Chelsea warmly invites you to Autumn Exhibition 2016  RSVP Opening Reception 15th September 5pm- 8 pm
SCA Exhibitions will highlight Contemporary Artists such as Paul Treasure & John Martin RBA. The Exhibitions also include Scottish landscape artist Rosanne Barr and new exceptional figurative paintings by Michael Alford. 
Signet Contemporary Art is  thrilled to welcome two new Contemporary Artists: Borja Guijarro fearuring Cubism Art and Ian Hargreaves spectacular Landscape Paintings.
 AE Featuring Artists: John martin RBA, Michael Alford, Paul Treasure, Rosanne Barr, Jackie Phillip, David Farren, Ian Hargreaves, Rory J Browne, Borja Guijarro, Garry Raymond - Pereira, Jonathan Trim, Sylvia Paul. 





Bristol, September 2016



Affordable Art Fair Bristol 8th - 11th Sept 2016.

Signet Contemporary Art


Featuring Artists: Paul Treasure, David Farren, Sylvia Paul, Rosanne Barr, Jonathan Trim, Rory J Browne, Garry Raymond Pereira. 

For Complimentary AAF tickets please email 

AAF Venue: 
Brunel’s Old Station
Temple Meads


London , June 2016

Summer Exhibition 9th June-30th July 2016

SCA Summer Exhibition will highlight ten Contemporary Artists such as Robert E.Wells  RBA, Paul Treasure & John Martin RBA. The Exhibition  also includes  Scottish landscape artist Rosanne Barr and new exciting figurative paintings by Greg Harris.

RSVP Opening Reception 9th June 6pm-8pm

 SCA Spring Exhibition Featuring Artists: Robert E Wells RBA , Paul Treasure , John Martin RBA,  Minna George, Jonathan Trim, Leila Godden AUA, Rory J Browne,  Sylvia Paul, Rosanne Barr, Greg Harris, Tobias Harrison. 






London , June 2016

Baltic ArtForm and Signet Contemporary Art present
BALTIC DREAMS by Aimee Birnbaum RI
1- 5 June 2016
Exhibition of paintings by Aimee Birnbaum RI, inspired by the indigenous pagan religion of the Baltic peoples.
The ancient deities of the Balts promoted harmony with Nature, and reigned when humans revered and respected the earth. Aimee’s paintings pay homage to a time when people lived in friendly kinship with bees and the sacred was invited into everyday life. Trees were venerated. Fire was revered.
*Private View: 3 June 2016 6pm-10pm
An immersive theatrical experience celebrating ancient Baltic traditions with Marta Hermida, actor, as the goddess Austeja; original music and rituals to awaken the soul by Lithuanian composer, Ruta Vitkauskaite.
* Marta Hermida is currently starring on Channel 5 Henry VIII
* Ruta Vitkauskaite, Lithuanian composer, winner of the 2016 Lithuanian Golden Cross Award for the Stage for her opera “Confessions


Tokyo , May 2016

Signet Contemporary Art 
Omotesando Hills Main Building, Space O

Signet Contemporary Art is proud to be representing some of our best Artists at Tokyo International Art Fair 13th -14th May 2016.

TIAF featuring Artists: Aimee Birnbaum RI, David Farren, Paul Treasure, Sylvia Paul, Thobias Harrison, Mark Nelson, Rory J Browne, Juan del Pozo.





London, May  2016

Signet Contemporary Art, Chelsea is proud to represent John Lawrence, David Stanley, Mark Nelson May Exhibition 2016. The Art exhibition highlights three Contemporary Artists with very different approaches to Traditional Landscape.  

RSVP Opening Reception 7th May 3pm-6pm

John Lawrence was born in Kent and first made a name for himself in the 1960s when he was commissioned by Wilkinson Sword to produce a set of engravings of ceremonial swords. Lawrence has a passion for boats and has been drawing them since he was six. Marine scenes continue to be a big part of Lawrence’s work along with landscapes and townscapes. Lawrence paints mainly from life and invites viewers of his work to share the moment and feel the cold splash of the sea or the warmth of the sun, which he has skilfully captured on canvas.

David Stanley, Painter and Printmaker, is based in the north of England. Working almost exclusively in acrylic paint and is a member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts (MAFA). David Stanley's empirical use of colour and form becomes the very substance and structure of his paintings rather than an illustration of it.

Lancashire born and bred,Mark Nelson is proud of his northern heritage “ My paintings represent a vision of the North which is a bright and vibrant mesh of cultural and creative excellence “ Mark Nelson studied Fine Art Painting at Liverpool Art School in the early 80 s ,gaining a BA ( Hons ) Degree. Following this he took a Post Graduate Certificate Education at Leeds and taught Art at several schools throughout that decade.





Dubai, April 2016


Signet Contemporary Art is celebrating our first Art Fair in Dubai and we are proud to represent some of our best Artists at World Art Dubai, Trade Centre 6th-9th April. 

Occupying a space in Chelsea, Kings Road one of London’s prestige district, Signet Contemporary Art specialises in British and international contemporary painting . The gallery caters for both established and new collectors working in a wide variety of styles and genres, ranging from the semi-abstract to the impressionist, including Robert E Wells RBA, Garry Raymond-Pereira & Paul Treasure are just to name a few. 

Please contact to receive complimentary invitation.





London, March 2016 



SCA Spring Exhibition will highlight ten Contemporary Artists such as Robert E Wells RBA, Paul Treasure & John Martin RBA. The Exhibition also includes  Scottish landscape artist Rosanne Barr and   our  exceptional Cityscape artist David Farren. We aim to excite our clients with an eclectic, colourful Spring collection. 

SCA Spring Exhibition Featuring Artists: Robert E Wells RBA , Paul Treasure , John Martin RBA, Jonathan Trim, Tom Marsh, David Farren,  Sylvia Paul, Michael Ewart, Rosanne Barr, Michael Alford, Peter Brimlow, Agnija Germane.






London, February 2016







London, December 2015






London, November  2015   







London, October  2015









London, September 2015




London, August 2015





London, July 2015



London, July 2015












London, July 2014







London, June 2014






London, May 2013


Artist Front Lawn Stand D9
 Private View Thursday 16th of May
6.00 -8.30 pm
            Agnija Germane            Signe Zusevica

     Christina Luisa


           Ieva Bluma


            Jane Lushey









































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