Harriet Salt

Harriet is a classically trained painter primarily interested in recording light and movement in her work.  She has a broad and constantly evolving portfolio which reflect these interests and the many different environments in which she has lived and worked, including Paris, Florence and Northern Ireland.

Inspired by her mother, herself an accomplished artist, Harriet started painting at a young age. Having won an art scholarship to Charterhouse School, she continued her studies through university. She then travelled to Florence to study portraiture under Charles Cecil for three years. Whilst heavily influenced by techniques passed down from the old masters, Harriet has developed her own unique style of interpreting the world around her. 

On her return from Italy, Harriet was part of a three man show in Shepherds Market. Through this show she was introduced to Panter and Hall, who took her work around the London art fairs.  Subsequently, Harriet was invited to take part in an exhibition show-casing the work of three young artists at the Petley Fine Art Gallery on Cork Street in London.  This led to her first solo show at the same gallery in New Bond Street in 2006. 

Over the subsequent years, while she raised her family, Harriet has regularly contributed to exhibitions across Wiltshire and Hampshire. Harriet works exclusively in oils and has a varied portfolio of still life, figurative and landscape works.

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