Kym Haverson

British abstract artist Kym Haverson's paintings have an extraordinary sense of light and depth. She creates this by layering, mixing and setting different mediums - water, spray paint, gloss varnish, acrylic. It can take up to 120 hours for the work to dry. The result is a deeply textured surface. Hers is a unique modern style which caught Saatchi's eye when she was a semi finalist in the Saatchi Showdown competition. 

Haverson works from above, with her large canvases laid out on the floor. Mediums must fight for space, or settle on top of each other. She is inspired by the discoveries of our age, the beauty of nature and the great cosmic questions: why are we here? What happens in space? What is the fate of our planet and humanity? 

Sometimes violent with deformed shapes, sometimes mysterious and ethereal, her expressionistic studies of light, colour, atmosphere and power always have great beauty. She has described her work as “pausing a moment in time, giving you the opportunity to think, to be humbled, to forget and to remind."

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