Shazia Mahmood

Since completing her M.A. at Winchester School of Art in 1997, Shazia has developed a quite unique style of painting which combines inks and oil paint to capture rapidly changing light and weather effects and the majesty of scenery.She spends a great deal of time on location, drawing and taking photographs of the landscape. Back in her studio she paints using various tools including sponges and palette knifes, creating marks that are organic and unplanned. Chance and random interference are essential to her work. Although she has travelled extensively throughout the world, it is the landscapes of Scotland and North America that inspire her the most.

"I am especially interested in The West Coast of Scotland and the great American North West, particularly The Yosemite Valley. These landscapes are the most spectacular landscapes I have ever seen and I am compelled to paint them. The scenery has left a mark on my consciousness."

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